Giving Feels Good

Jill Walker and Min Seong Kim '09

Jill Walker and Min Seong Kim '09

I’m a science geek.

I believe that science can teach young people a thing or two about their impact on the natural world. I also believe that when they make choices that benefit our society, it can feel good. 

Each year in March, alumni, families, and friends step forward and Ring the Bell for Northwood. The funds raised support the Northwood Fund which helps to cover the cost of everything from Mountain Day to lab supplies. In fact, two out of every five class days are funded by gifts to the Northwood Fund — that’s why giving is so important.

Here’s a quick quiz to make sure you’re paying attention:

Why give to Northwood during Ring the Bell?

    • To join together in support of Northwood's people and programs.
    • It is scientifically proven that giving makes you feel good.
    • Mrs. Walker curved my grade in Human Biology class.
    • All the above.

No matter what answer you chose, you’ll receive full credit and an excellent effort grade for joining me in making your gift to Ring the Bell!  I promise it WILL make you feel good!

Thank you for joining us in making an enduring impact on our school community,

Jill Walker
Dean of Faculty