NORTHWOOD FACULTY have dedicated themselves to the growth of young people.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Click the image above to hear why Northwood Faculty love to work with young people.

Honor the enduring relationships between Northwood students and teachers by making a gift by June 30, in appreciation of a teacher, coach, or staff member (past or present) and tell us what they mean to you or your family, so they know they’ve made a difference.

In the comment section of the giving form, share the name of your honoree and a personal note about what that person means to you so that they know they’ve made a difference in your life.
We will send personal letters to all honorees, notifying them of the recognition but not the gift amount. If you choose to honor a deceased member of our community, this gift will be included with all other honorees in the 2018 Annual Report.
Funds raised will be used to enhance classroom instruction and student learning.